• Official Ballot for the Best of Bosque County 2020.

    DEADLINE: End of the day, March 1, 2020

    PLEASE include a nominee in AT LEAST 10 CATEGORIES.

    All ballots must be received by the Clifton Record, 310 W. 5th Street, Clifton, TX 76634 or Meridian Tribune, 114 Main St, Meridian, TX 76665. Ballots can be mailed, dropped off or submitted online.

    (Clifton, Meridian, Cranfills Gap, Walnut Springs, Morgan, Valley Mills, Iredell, Kopprel and elsewhere in Bosque County. Only original ballots are valid. (No photocopies accepted.) Print clearly, illegible entries and those nominating individuals without adequate information (such as missing last names) will be discarded.

    This is a fun contest and results are not scientifically obtained.

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  • Please submit form by Monday at noon for inclusion in a publication.

    Prices to place Obituaries in our publications are $60 for first 300 words, then an additional $6 per column inch. A photo, as desired, is also appropriate and is an additional $15. The photo should be clear and well focused. Scanned Polaroids and photos printed on an inkjet printer are unacceptable.  

    For questions call our office at 254-675-3336 or 254-435-6333.

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