In the book of Isaiah, all of the people of Israel have had their world turned upside-down. Babylon has come and destroyed Jerusalem, taking many of its residents away into exile. There are a few people left in the city trying to wrap their minds around all of this. “Didn’t God tell us that he would protect us? Has God left us? I thought this was the place where God would reign forever, but now the city is destroyed, the temple is in ruins. What does that say about God? What does that mean for me?”

Courthouse closes for COVID-19

After careful consideration of the Bosque County Courthouse staff and citizens, it has been decided to close the courthouse doors to the public temporarily. The offices will continue to be staffed to answer phones and emails and provide services to all citizens. In view of the continued threat from the COVID-19, the Courthouse is open for business by appointment only. Anyone needing any essential services will be admitted through the south door.

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Food assistance around the county

Anyone facing in a food shortfall brought on by a Coronavirus layoff can check in with these services. Community members with larger “rainy day funds” can help their impacted neighbors by channeling donations to these caring and hard-working providers. More volunteer helpers may be needed at each location as countywide demand picks up. The organizations report using volunteers and managing distributions under new “safe social distancing” guidelines.

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G-W responds to pandemic

As Goodall-Witcher Healthcare continues to navigate the ever-changing situation surrounding the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we must make decisions based on what is best for our population as a whole. Due to the current availability and extremely low volume of test at GWH for this virus, we must be good stewards of these resources. This means that we are unable to test every person who has potentially had an exposure or who requests testing.


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