County official warn of dry conditions


County Officials are warning Bosque County residents of dry conditions after a series of grass fires over the past week,

Although conditions are not so dry for a burn ban.

“Our volunteer fire fighters have had a number of grass fires almost everyday,” said Precinct 4 County Commissioner Ronnie Liardon. “People need to be aware that it’s getting into those mid-summer times when everything is starting to dry out.”

The dryer conditions on the north side of the county have caused numerous fires, including several on the west side of Lake Whitney.

“If people need to burn trash, they just need to be aware that you can’t walk off a leave it like you could a month or even a week ago,” said Liardon.

“And if people are burning large brush piles, they can call the county and have a fire truck on standby.”

Commissioners talked about dry conditions at last weeks’ meeting, but since rain is to be expected and conditions aren’t currently to burn ban levels, the selling of fireworks for July 4, so far, will be permitted.