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Hello, Goodbye

It was one of those Texas days that started in the low 40s and rapidly spiked to the mid 80s by the afternoon. I was enjoying the view of the early blue bonnets along Highway 22 and reflecting on how much things had changed in the last few and long weeks.

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Life goes on with COVID-19

Lately, the majority of weekly columns and comic strips I produce are Covid-19 related. Columns may be informative, but cartoons are comic relief. It’s been difficult to think of other things. The situation keeps changing, so there’s always something new to write or draw.

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Be the link that breaks the chain

I’ve been looking back at sites on the Internet I’ve considered the most informative/ helpful regarding CoVid-19. I rarely post things on Facebook--- well, maybe our cartoons and a few, select grandkid pics. But I upped my game during the last few weeks in an attempt to inform and provide sound advice to folks who were either taking this pandemic much too lightly or who were outand-out panicking. Or they were finding incorrect and misleading information. The more correct information we have, the better the informed decisions we may make for ourselves and our loved ones. Misinformation in any form makes me pretty crazy.


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