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Spring and COVID-19

My previously almost non-existent social life is even less now with social distancing and CoVic-19. But hope springs eternal--- clothes wise, at least. For some odd and incomprehensible reason, I still feel I must be prepared for every sartorial eventuality, cover all bases. ---Even if I barely leave the ranch now. This quarantine can’t last forever, right? There are basic clothing needs here. Or there might be. If something pops up, I can’t just dash up to shop in Dallas. So, best be prepared for every eventuality, no matter how remote---Depression mentality kicking in, reinforced by CoVid shortages.

Loving one another

We are all fed up with being stuck at home, unable to visit and socialize; unable to work. When will it end? While recent data points to the virus peaking and the number of cases and the number of deaths nationwide beginning to decrease, it is still a very high peak! There are still a very large number of cases. And the peak will arrive and pass at different times in different places. There are very few cases in Bosque County and we’d all prefer to see it stay that way. Unfortunately, until there is a treatment the only thing that has proven effective is social distancing, staying at home.


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