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Toilet tissue snob

I never thought I’d learn so much about toilet paper. An admitted toilet tissue snob, I was long ago a Northern Tissue kind of gal. Charmin was then a one-ply, lesser contender; and I turned up my nose, despite the cute commercials about squeezing. --- Which would likely be politically incorrect these days. At some point, the balance tipped. The Charmin folks wised up, stepped up, and upped their game with a second ply. I changed allegiance, no contest. I’ve remained faithful for years, not even tempted to stray. Well, once maybe with Sam’s Club brand, but it didn’t mean anything. Tempted, but caved at the last minute, grabbed the Charmin and ran.


In last weeks’ May 6, 2020 Issue 19 publication, David Jackson was misidentified in the story “Spilt Milk.” Ed Jackson is David’s brother and was also interviewed by this paper, but was not quoted in the story or pictured. We apologized to the Jackson family for the confusion.

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COVID-19 weight gain

W hen I was in college, everyone knew about the “Freshman Five” It was pounds. Ah, cafeteria food and snack machines in dorms. And the wild abandon of eating whatever we wanted whenever we wanted it and in any quantity. It might have had something to do also with the drinking that accompanied liberation from parental controls. Most of us had been pretty well-behaved growing up with pretty strict rules. We didn’t do anything too terrible under our parents’ rooves.

A message of hope

Although I wouldn’t consider myself to be a huge country music fan, there are a number of country songs that have made a considerable impression on me. One such song is Tim McGraw’s hit, “Always Stay Humble and Kind”. The song is loaded with good advice like “go to church, visit grandpa, say please and thank you, don’t hold a grudge” but literally every 4th line of the song is “always stay humble and kind.”


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