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Never again this summer

Every summer, I’ve suggested we not purchase more new plants or trees. It’s too much work getting them established. All I wanted this year was a few flowers for hanging baskets and mulch for the beds. I’ve spent way too much of these last summers working outside---hot, covered up against the sun and as protected as possible against chiggers---trying to keep things going. Not fun.

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Be Skeptical

Humans are a very enterprising bunch. Here we are not even five months into a serious worldwide pandemic that’s changed our world---and everywhere I turn, there’s an ad for some new or re-purposed product available for sale that’s in some way connected to protecting us from Covid-19. Masks seem to be center stage. Guess we have a new, must-have fashion category, and entrepreneurs are jumping in with both feet to take advantage of this situation. Clothing manufacturers are now making masks instead of other things. Distilleries are producing disinfectant!

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You might be redneck if...

It’s been interesting on the ranch lately. We usually think that, but lately perhaps even more so. Spring and early summer are full of new things--- fawns, calves, baby birds, flowers and so forth. The most disgusting baby critters we’ve discovered lately were in our largest and oldest barn--- probably dates from 1940 or earlier.


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