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Toliet tissue snob

I never thought I’d learn so much about toilet paper. An admitted toilet tissue snob, I was long ago a Northern Tissue kind of gal. Charmin was then a one-ply, lesser contender; and I turned up my nose, despite the cute commercials about squeezing. --- Which would likely be politically incorrect these days. At some point, the balance tipped. The Charmin folks wised up, stepped up, and upped their game with a second ply. I changed allegiance, no contest. I’ve remained faithful for years, not even tempted to stray. Well, once maybe with Sam’s Club brand, but it didn’t mean anything. Tempted, but caved at the last minute, grabbed the Charmin and ran.

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Social Life in the Pandemic

My social life was pretty limited even before the whole quarantine/social-distancing thing. And that didn’t bother me much. After busy days on the ranch, we were tired. Going out didn’t hold much appeal. And we’ve grown too lazy (or smart) to drive to larger towns for entertainment.


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