Where’s the color?

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By Genie Ellis Zacharias


Zack laments periodically that the cars of today lack the color of those of the past. Think about it. Now I’ll admit that Zack lives in the past as much as anyone of a certain mature age with fond memories of his or her youth. And like most “boys”, he was very involved with his vehicles and still takes pride in what he drives.

What bothers Zack is the unending plethora of white, black, gray and champagne-colored vehicles on the roads. There are admittedly some dark blue, forest green or deep maroon cars and trucks around. Now and then, a streak of red, yellow, orange or other more colorful variety may whiz by. But for the most part, the cars are all pretty blah, the same few colors repeating over and over. This makes Zack appreciate the lovingly restored cars and trucks we see in town.


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