Slow, but steady progress

As with all reconstructions, rebuilds and renovations delays, hiccups and adapting of plans is par for the course. This is also the case with the Meridian Volunteer Fire Department’s reconstruction of the present fire hall and garage.

But sometimes there is unexpected help from friends – Brent Powers from Valley Mills donated 10 truckloads of dirt for the project’s foundation, Wallace Electric helped out with temporarily relocating the storm siren to the city hall roof, and the Meridian Improvement Association donated an additional $15,000 to the department.

That money was very welcome, as they had just decided to pour a whole new slab. – instead of piece mealing the 4-5 different slabs that were laid down over the years.

As soon as the slab is dried, the threeweek reconstruction of the garage area can be started, with the metal work coming from local supplier Bosque Supply in Clifton.

Meanwhile, the interior demolition of the original fire hall started, showing that the structure’s lumber is still in good shape. The present, closet size kitchen will become a second restroom, and a new, somewhat more spacious kitchen area will be created and the roof will be raised.

The sewer and water lines have been laid

With all that said and done, the July and August rains have caused some delays, as has the relocating of the telephone connections. So instead of it being a twomonth job starting in June, construction is now expected to be completed in September.

Good thing though, the whole project is still on budget, which is not always the case with major reconstruction projects.

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