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There were many families out running in the spooky darkness of the night, spotlights showing the way, glow sticks bopping along in the distance giving an eerie glow off the neon yellow run T-shirts, adding to the fun aspect of the Fourth Annual Legacy Park 5K Glow Fun Run.

The family fun run Saturday – which had been postponed in June because of inclement weather - drew over 200 registrations. But there were a couple of no-shows, probably deterred by the July evening heat, so in the end there were 100 runners at the start.

“With the challenges of rescheduling, we are very happy with the turn-out,” Clifton Main Street Director and event organizer Ashley Abel said.

The run is a fundraiser for Clifton Main Street, with proceeds going to preserving the historic Fair and Auction Barn at Legacy Park.

Even though winning was not a main goal for most – some ran for fun, some ran to support the cause, others as part of a fitness program, others to lose weight, running a race is doing your best possible. And it was a chip-timed event after all.

Top male finisher was 17-year-old Trenton Malmay from Louisiana with 20:32. He was followed by Angel Perales with 22:04. Top female finisher and third overall was 31-year-old Jeanna Lucas with 22:25. Thirty-three year-old Rudy Hikel came fourth with 23:18 followed by 29 year-old Lindsay Gummelt.

Impressive was 10-year-old Morgan Henkes finish time of just 24:55, making him sixth overall. His 11-year-old sister Madison came eighth. Nomar Torres came seventh. Ninth was John Haney and tenth was another youngster, nine-yearold Brayden Stone.

Noteworthy was also 78-year-old Mary Kaplan, who had already run in the Hico 5K and the Euless 5K that same day.

Kathy Bell was just glad she made the run within an hour. She had a tired child riding along on her back the last stretch.

And some were all dressed up and nowhere to go except support family and friends, like Justin Holloman a.k.a. Chunky. The supporter supreme was rooting for his wife Ashley and nine-yearold son Ashtin.

Staying in the Glow Run theme, runners had dressed up in hot pink, neon yellow, luminescent green and fluo orange, some even donning wigs and tiaras with lights and sparkly lighted tutus. Other were more practical and came prepared with head lights or hand flashlights to avoid potholes and irregularities in the road.

And of course there were head phones, blasting music to keep the runner in pace and the mind off the inevitable soreness and fatigue that hits sometime during the course.

“It’s exciting with the lights,” regular runner Clifton’s Erin Baker said, explaining why she enjoyed the run. “It just adds a different element.”

And in spite of the heat, it was truly a fun event for all fitness levels and ages, with ages ranging from three to 78, but all age groups more or less evenly represented.

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