Bosque County Emergency Management Coordinator Tim Jeske assists with posting the Bosque County March 1 Primary Election results at the Courthouse Square in Meridian



The Bosque County Results Are In!


By Brett Voss



With four contested seats on the Republican ballot in Bosque County for the 2016 Texas Primary, it proved to be a wild night on the county courthouse square in Meridian. Voting turnout was heavy around the county, particularly in Precinct 8 in Clifton and Precinct 10 in Valley Mills, the battle ground for three of the four contested races.


Once the final votes were tallied at approximately 2:15 a.m. Wednesday morning, two of the three incumbents had been defeated, and the lone open seat was headed for a runoff election.


With 11 of 11 voting precincts & early voting reporting (2:15 a.m.), here are the unofficial Republican results for the contested seats in Bosque County:


Texas House – District 58                Bosque County                    Johnson County                  Overall Total

*DeWayne Burns (I)                           2109       53.9%                    12043    53.6%                    14152    53.6%

Philip Eby                                              1806       46.1%                    10444    46.4%                    12250    46.4%

                                                                3915 total votes                   22487 total votes                                26402 total votes

Constable Pct. 2

*Bryan Prescher                                  1125       57.7%

Al Flores (I)                                           826         42.2%

                                                                1951 total votes

Commissioner Pct. 1

*Marvin “Wick” Wickman                    578         56.7%

Douglas Day (I)                                   442         43.3%

                                                                1020 total votes

Commissioner Pct. 3

+Gary Arnold                                       376         34.0%

+Larry “Shotgun” Philipp                 317         28.7%

Kevin Eby                                             229         20.7%

David Bitner                                         183         16.6%

                                                                1105 total votes


Other uncontested Republican races in Bosque County:

U.S. House – District 25   

Roger Williams (I)              

Texas Senate – District 22              

Brian Birdwell (I)                                

District Attorney – 220th Judicial District

Adam Sibley                                        

County Sheriff

Anthony Malott (I)                            

County Attorney

Natalie Koehler (I)                             

Tax Assessor

Arlene Swiney (I)                                

Constable Pct. 1

Scott Ferguson (I)               

* - Winner

+ - Runoff Candidate

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