Chisholm Trail

Marking the Chisholm Trail


By Simone Wichers-Voss

Meridian Tribune


Stories passed down in families, cowboy ballads and grown-over ruts are all that would be left over from the Chisholm Trail, were it not for a handful of individuals dedicated to marking the trail and preserving its history.

Last Thursday, three special markers were placed in Bosque County on spots where the cattle drives to the north between 1867 and 1884 were known to pass through – in Valley Mills on the banks of the Bosque River, a known crossing; at the remnants of the school in Womack and on CR 1110 at the entrance of the Red Caboose Winery.

It took over five years of researching sites and coordination between the Texas Chisholm Trail Marker Project, the Bosque County Historic Society and private property owners to get these markers placed.


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